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New intro Video
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We recorded a new Introduction Video with Jay Allan yesterday. It should be up on the site later today! You can view it HERE.

Our images are featured this month in the new issue of XBIZ Magazine which is a leading industry insider mag. They did a piece on stunning Charlotte Stokely and used our new images. This set will be available in it's entirety on Oct 26th!

The way the backend of this site is designed it is mostly made up of "photo galleries". Most of the content here is one individual gallery after another. This is great but it doesn't allow me to showcase my best work.

To get around this I have started to put together different galleries of images. These are groups of images that are similar types of images instead of all the same model in one location. The first galleries will be retouched Fine Art Nudes, Studio Polaroids, and Behind The Scenes. You can use the search tag "GALLERY" if you do not see them right away.

Finished the FORUM
We are putting the finishing touches on the site now and today we finished the Forum area. Be sure to check it out!

There you can discuss things like: favorite models, favorite sets, suggestions for this site, photography techniques and tricks, and also chat with your fellow members.

Any Member can join! Please use the same user name across the site including on the forum.

You can go there by clicking the "forum" on the menu bar above or directly here: FORUM

In the studio we have tons and tons of Polaroids going back almost 25 years. One of the things we are doing for the site is digitizing these with a 24 MPx camera and creating galleries of them.

We recorded a quick introductory video today with Jay. It is pretty rough and we will redo it eventually but it gives a little info on what our mission is. You can view it here: WELCOME

Here at Jay Allan Productions we have many many file cabinets just filled with slides and negatives. Part of our job here is to select the best 100 or so images from each set and set them aside to add to Agent Erotica.

The process of getting the images from analog film form and into the digital realm is time consuming but through technology is getting easier all the time. Here is a quick look at our "scanning" setup.

We will be going into more details on this process in our FORUM when we have the time to write it up. And here is a sample finished image from a recently scanned slide.

Welcome - First Post
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Hi Everyone, Jay Allan here. Welcome to the new site!

It's been 20 years since I designed and built DigitalDesire.com with my former partner and mentor J. Stephen Hicks.

Ever since I started my own studio in a loft in Downtown LA in 2000 I have been hording slides, negatives, Polaroids etc knowing that this day would come.

I am throwing a lot into this site and it will be a bit of a mess for a while but as we launch and the site grows we will refine it and add more polished content and less raw sets.

For now though it is a beautiful mess and a unique site! Please enjoy it and be sure to take advantage of our new Forum where you can leave comments and suggestions

as well as rate the models and learn about our techniques.